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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

App Review

Do you like these app reviews?  I know I always like to know what other people find useful.  But please, let me hear from you about this.  If you are not a fan don't be skeered to tell me! 

I am endeavoring to be more intentional (should be my word of the year, huh?) in memorizing Scripture.  I have found an app called Bible Minded.  You know I have the free version.  Anyway, you can choose the passage you want to memorize.  Then you can choose learning activities that will assist you in learning like: flash cards, type it in, fill in the blanks, record and verify.  When you mark a verse or passage as memorized you can set alerts to remind you to review your verses. 


Emily said...

Love your reviews and I'm looking for the app now

Tasha Reeves said...

I, too, LOVE your app reviews. I learn about most of my good apps from you ;)