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Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Four Wheeler

This post could otherwise be titled in which Chris and Lorelei's dreams come true. 

I have come to realize that Wednesdays I just need to be ready to go on adventures with Chris if he is not working.  I had to realize this because it is a crazy thing...since becoming a stay at home wife and mother I find myself not being as free to leave the house because I do not feel as if my work is done...laundry, cooking, cleaning, etc.  Am I the only one?  

So, the whole reason this even comes up is because Wednesdays Lorelei goes to preschool and Chris is off of work and we usually drive her to preschool together (with Boaz, of course) and then inevitably Chris will say something like, "Want to go on an adventure?" (Say that whole run-on sentence really fast without taking a breath because that is how I was doing it in my head.)  To which I reply, "Yes, I have my boobs...Boaz and I are ready."  Or some other equally strange thing.  Which is really goofy in and of itself  but also because Boaz doesn't nurse just anywhere.  He is a creature of habit.  

Anyway, long story short...we went to Jackson to look at four wheelers and brought one home.  This is where my dreams come true.  Chris and Lorelei went on their own four wheeler adventure for an hour and a half!  
I told Lorelei to open her eyes...apparently she was a bit confused...or the sun too bright!
Have I mentioned to you how much I love this man?!?
Boaz is totally trying to figure out how to drive this thing
Because all six month olds need their turn right? 


Emily said...

"I have my boobs with me" bahahaha
Once Josh gets a new battery for his 4-wheeler they will have to do adventures together :)

Tasha Reeves said...

I am doing EVERYTHING I can to not wake the WHOLE house up with my laughing as I read this! I LOVE getting your inner-thoughts!!!! 4-wheelers are AWESOME! We all LOVE the one we have....although the 4 of us do not really ride as comfortably on it as Jamie has gotten bigger. But when she was small enough to still be "worn"; it was great as a family adventure! I can't wait to hear more about this!!!!

Annie said...

hahahah... too cute!!

And seriously Boaz is SO adorable!!!!! Love his little fuzzy head and chubby little cheeks! He's a cutie!

Inception said...

Love, LoVe, LOVE this!