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Monday, October 15, 2012

Because sometimes the obvious is not so obvious

I shared in prayer group at church about how I feel in a rough patch with the kids right now.  Boaz is in frustration mode as he keeps getting stuck as he backs up into corners or keeps bumping his head or face as he pull up etc.  Because of Boaz's neediness it feels like Lorelei has also amped up hers.  In reality it is probably because Boaz's constant undertone of frustration is breaking me.  As a result I am short tempered with her.

Someone gave the suggestion of having praise music playing in the background.  Satan hates praise music.  This was such an AHA moment for me.  You have no idea.  Any AHA moments you need to share with me? 

Happy when he is eating (pizza crust at Milano's)
I told her yesterday that we get new bodies one day when Jesus comes back...she said she was gonna ask him for blue or pink hair.  She said He said yes. 

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