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Thursday, November 22, 2012


One of the joys of having a spouse in law enforcement is being flexible with the schedule.  Chris had the opportunity to work on Thanksgiving so we are celebrating on Wednesday.

Monday Boaz and I did the shopping while Lorelei was at preschool before we went for her Thanksgiving Feast.
Ready for the feast!
Monday I made Paleo Cranberry Sauce in the crockpot.  You can find the recipe here.  I used date sugar instead of coconut sap crystals because that is what I had.  Um, I wanted to lick the crock pot. 
Right before I turned the crock pot on.
Tuesday I made Sweet Potato Cinni-Mash,

Sweet Potato Cinni-Mash
 Broccoli Casserole,

Made my own cream of mushroom soup.  That is a parsnip in there...I have never used one before!
Finished casserole
 and stuffing.  I texted a friend that the Broccoli Casserole was so good I wanted to lay down in it.  She told me that was weird.  Whatever.  
Green Beans with bacon and mushrooms

Ingredients for stuffing
Picture of the stuffing as well as the view across the table. 

Wednesday I made Paleo Biscuits.  Threw those away.  While I am sure I did something wrong, I figured all was good with every recipe being a new one and only one bad egg in the bunch.  
Pumpkin Brownies.  Yum! 
I made my mom's hot mulled cider except I used date sugar instead of brown sugar to make it Paleo.  I made Paleo Pumpkin Brownies in my new Pampered Chef Brownie pan.  And then I had a last minute addition of a Paleo Chocolate Pie.
Paleo Crust and Paleo Chocolate Pie
Stuffed the turkey.  Totally forgot to decorate the turkey as I had planned...there was a crying baby involved, ha!  Turkey was a little dryer that normal.  And gravy...usually my forte...didn't love it this year but with the lack of regular mashed potatoes it wasn't a big deal  

My grandma brought deviled eggs and a jello dish that Lorelei loves.   

In the overn
Out of the oven

Checking on the progress

set table
crazy helpers

We are so blessed!


Annie said...

sweet sweet sweet :)

Tasha Reeves said...

This was AWESOME!