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Wednesday, November 21, 2012


I've heard it said that it is harder to make friends as an adult.

Y'all making friends has never been a problem I have suffered from.  My children also don't suffer from meeting strangers. Please remember Chris is trying to help me learn not to make eye contact at times when I need to get gas for the car in a timely fashion.  I must say, I am rubbing off on him though.  He recently confessed to having someone in his phone contact list labelled, "That Guy."  Me...I'm slowly weeding through mine.  Days Inn Friend and Girl From Plane etc. 
1. When Lorelei was told to sit for story time this is where she naturally chose.  2.  Boaz was interested in the toys...and the girlz
Now there are friends and then there are FRIENDS.

Let me give you two examples from this past week:

Example 1:  Boaz had to travel with me to Lynchburg, VA so I could defend my dissertation.  Kim, drove from Baltimore (4 hours!) to watch him while I defended and then drove home later that night.  Ooh, the talking was sweet! 
Not real sure who loved it more, Boaz or Kim.
Example 2:  I made a meal list for my sweet sister in law's family as her grandmother had a stroke and has been hospitalized.  My friend, who doesn't even know them, signed up. 

I could go on for truly the Lord has blessed me.  I have a friend that texts me almost every day and asks me the hard questions..."Are you being patient?  Are you being kind?  How are the huffy breaths?"  I ask similar hard questions of her...we endeavor to speak Truth to each other. 

So, have you been a good friend lately?  Has someone been a friend to you?  Do you need a friend? 


Tasha Reeves said...

I have not been a good friend lately....praying I am better.

Kim said...

Sweet posts....I must say, I should examine my " huffy breaths" as well.

Annie said...

awesome post and insight. Ya know. this is what truly makes life worth living. It isn't all the other stuff i tend to deem so important. a good friend is so special.

You have been a good friend to me... so I imagine that same friendliness is why you attract "the days inn girl" and "woman on the plane." :)

Thank you for being a friend, Dawn!