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Saturday, October 20, 2012

When plans change

Sometimes plans change and it is not a bad thing. I had big plans to take the kids to Tom's Farm with a good friend and her girls while Chris worked a double. However, the boy is stuffy. With a touch of drippy. And a large dose of I need my mommy.

I had to text Chris for direction because truth be told...sometimes it is easier for me to handle the kids out and about. I wear Boaz and he is totally happy and Lorelei...she needs people. And I wanted to see my friend! (Insert whiney voice)

So...we are enjoying a cozy Saturday morning at the house. Boaz is napping, Lorelei is playing dress up and I am about to clip coupons. Chicken and dumplings in crockpot. Lounge clothes. You get the picture.

So what are you doing this Saturday morning?

1 comment:

Tasha Reeves said...

I wish you guys could have enjoyed it with us (insert MY whiney voice); but you made a good call. The hay dust (cause the girls could NOT leave it alone) might have made your lil man a little worse in the end. Maybe next year OR next time they have funness (is that a word) at Tom's Farm!