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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Laundry talk

This is not the post in which I air my figurative dirty laundry. Rather this is the post in which I tell you how I've been doing our laundry lately.

First, soapnuts. They are natural and you put about five in a little bag and throw the bag in with your laundry. When the washer agitates a soapy substance comes from the soapnuts. When you move the clothes from the washer to dryer you set the bag out to dry. The bag of soapnuts can be used around 4-5 times. I do 4. Now, am I happy with them? Yes! Cheaper than detergent, natural and no chemicals? Yes, please! Now I did the sniff test on a pair of socks that I knew would be stinky (I love my family but I am not smelling anyone's undies!) and they passed! The clothes just smell clean sans scent. In other words: no mountain fresh and summer breeze etc.

Now on to drying: wool dryer balls. I have four and they separate your clothes and help then dry faster (saving you money) and help eliminate some static ( but not all).

I am very happy with these products. Let me know if you have any questions.
Wool Dryer Balls


Annie said...

hahaha... you should live on the west coast you little hippy you. jk jk. But I do love your explorations in the world of all things natural. Where do you acquire such items?

Dawn said...

Well, does it count that I lived in CA from 1-3 1/2? Now...here is where I sound even more hippie-ish. I bought them both from a co-op. :)