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Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Color Run

I signed up for the Color Run last June. I was taking a step of faith as I literally could not take a step without pain and was in physical therapy three times a week at that point. I planned on Lorelei doing the Color Run with me as well. This also was a step of faith because there were no pleasant car rides with her in June.

Well, we did it! I started off the race chasing Lorelei as she wove in between people's legs as only a three year old can do, yelling, "Wait for Mommy!" That will clear a path, people!

When I asked Lorelei her best and worst moments of the Color Run...She said her best was the color and worst was not catching a shirt (they threw out promotional items). Looking forward to doing it again!
Getting to play with our color packet at the end!
So excited Charlotte got to go too!
Takes concentration!

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