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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Being Intentional (and wandering thoughts)

Well, here is another Sunday that I will not be going to church.  Boaz is congested.  This is one of the tricky things of having Chris work on Sundays.  There is no: the well portion can attend.  Also, living so far out I can't ask anyone to pick up Lorelei. 

Thinking about this next week: I start the #hellomornings challenge.  My personal goal is to get up at 5 and have my quiet time.  Then shower and be ready for the day and my children at 7:30.  Now, I still have a nursing baby so I am not planning on 5-7:30 being uninterrupted at this point. For example, I got up at 5 today but then nursed Boaz until around 5:30.  But the good news is I slept for six hours...in a row (!) last night.  The other side of this is that I would like to be in bed by 10 each night.  Ideally 9, but I find that much harder than it once was.  I like to have a little bit of time to just relax and not think about kids or be doing chores etc. 

So...I turned in my dissertation this past week.  It is now with my committee and I received an email last night from my dissertation chair that said, "Reading over your chapters and I will get these back tomorrow.  I do not see many issues, but I do need to talk asap regarding things we need to get in order."  So I'm thinking that is relatively positive.  I cannot begin to tell you how freeing it feels to not have the whole of the dissertation weighing down on me.  It is hard with two kiddos.  Doable but hard.  Would have gone faster if I had been willing to give up sleep.  I wasn't this go around because I had two kids there was no "napping when the baby naps."

Lorelei will be going to preschool on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Chris is off on Wednesdays.  I have been endeavoring to clean when Chris is not home (sometimes there is lingering laundry that is just a fact of life with four people, cloth diapering and uniforms).  Ideally I would like to do the cleaning and shopping on Mondays with the left over things on Wednesdays when Lorelei is gone.  Chris can mow and/or get caught up on schoolwork so that maybe be can have Family Fun day on Thursdays.  You know besides appointments, etc. 

I have the beginnings of a household notebook where I am going to have my to do lists, menu plans, etc. 

So anyway...here are my thoughts.  I like to have a loose plan.  I want to be intentional with my time but I do not want to be so regimented that I cannot set things aside as the Lord leads or someone in my family needs me.  What have you been endeavoring to be intentional about?

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