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Monday, August 27, 2012

Five Months Today

Boaz has been "on the outside" for five months.  We cannot imagine life without him!  He began rolling from back to tummy on August 2 and tummy to back on Augut 6.  Or the other way around.  It is all a blur.  That was when things started to get tricky around here.  Because Boaz sleeps in his crib, rolling was a sleep deterrent.  Also that "little" guy knew immediately how to use his rolling in connection with his scooting to get places.  If you call my house phone you will hear very annoyed sound effects in the background because it irritates him that it takes too long to get places! 

Boaz sits up unassisted when placed in a sitting position.  He wants to eat so badly!  He has grabbed many things from our plates and has sucked on buffalo and turkey jerky.  I'm hoping that when food is introduced next month he begins to sleep through the night.  If not, so be it.  I know this season of life is so short...

Boaz reaches his arms out to be held now.  That is pretty funny because he always wants Lorelei to hold him.  She is freakishly strong to even be able to for a minute.  She is only 9.5 pounds heavier than him.  He is 21 pounds and in 12-18 month clothes. 

Anyway, bottom line: Chris, Lorelei and I are in love with Boaz. 


Inception said...

How could you not be in love with this little man?! He certainly melted my heart when he reached to hug me...and then squeezed his arms around me when I hugged him. Precious!

Dawn said...

I'm raising two "huggers." :)