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Saturday, August 18, 2012

When Punishing Your Child Feels Like You're Punishing Yourself

It is often hard to punish one's child.  This can be for different reasons and excuses such as: they are tired, they don't feel well, they didn't understand...etc.  But when I step back and think about things... would I be allowed to throw a fit or "act a fool" if I didn't get my way, or Kroger didn't have the brand of noodles I was wanting?  Even if I was tired because a certain little boy woke up a time or two (or three or four...but who's counting?)?  Um, I think not.  The bystanders would not be saying, "Oh, look at that lady, she's tired and doesn't feel well.  Poor Lady." 

So, as a result, I must help my children learn how to act and react correctly.  I must help them listen and obey me or else how will their little hearts know how to listen and obey our Heavenly Father? 

So...I was planning on taking the kids to the zoo.  You know for them.  We were going to meet friends there.  My friend has two kids one that is two months and two days younger than Lorelei and then one that is 10 months  (and three days?) older than Boaz.  Well, Lorelei woke up and threw a fit.  And called me names.  And I did not want to cancel the trip.  I wanted to see MY friend.  I knew the right thing to do but thought, "I will just text Chris and see what he says."  Well Lorele saw me texting and said, "What?  Are you texting Daddy to see if we can go because of my attitude?" 

So, yeah, we didn't go to the zoo.  And you know what?  When I did what I was suppossed to as a parent and held her accountable for her actions, it was almost as if she breathed a sigh of relief and we didn't have any more problems of that sort for the rest of the day. 

1 comment:

Inception said...

It's a good thing I wasn't the friend you were meeting. I probably would have whined a little when you had to cancel ;)