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Monday, February 08, 2010

Rainbow Brite

Remember her?  I remember my Rainbow Brite doll!  I am excited to announce that Rainbow Brite is being relaunched!  MomSelect and Hallmark provided me with a Rainbow Brite cd pak.  I received 10 CD-Roms.  One to keep and nine to give away!  I have to admit I spent probably an hour working through the CD!  It is filled with games, puzzles, the theme song and much more!  Your child (or you!) can print out coloring pages.  If you check out the website you can view four mini epidsodes! 

If you love Rainbow Brite you will be excited to know the newest doll is available at Target and Toys R' Us this month! 

So, the first nine comments will get a Rainbow Brite CD-Rom for their child (or themselves!) to enjoy!  Hurry, because I am getting ready to tweet this! 


Christina said...

I used to LOVE rainbow bright! My daughter would love her too, she's 3 now. :)
niftythriftyhomemaker at yahoo dot com

ksamoyedny said...

I loved Rainbow Brite as a child. My sister still does and is trying to collect all things Rainbow Brite. She would love this cd.

Kim Samoyedny

Linda said...

Can't sleep...maybe a Rainbow Brite CD would help.

SharpTeethOfLove said...


Rainbow Brite! I had dolls of she and her best friend, Shy Violet.

shellycox said...

We love Rainbow Bright! Thanks!