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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Menu Plan

Well, I have been enjoying my extra time off! This is evidenced by me actually having a menu plan for the next week as well as my shopping list and coupons matched up! I tried to plan my menu around the meats I had in the freezer from our January Angel Food box.

This is what I have planned so far:

Sunday: Steak and Gravy

Monday: Broiled Tilapia and Parmesan

Baked corn as side dish

Tuesday: Beef Short Ribs

Wednesday: Comfort Meatballs (A Pioneer Woman Recipe from Woman's Day mag)

Thursday: we usually go to a friend's house for dinner

Friday: Chicken Spaghetti (another Pioneer Woman Recipe from Woman's Day mag)

Saturday: Noodle Frittata (Woman's Day recipe)

Sunday: Beefy Noodles (Woman's Day recipe)

Monday: Tuna Noodle Salad (Woman's Day recipe)

You will notice I didn't put but one side dish. We usually just have fruit or veggies, nothing too exciting or elaborate. So, do you have a menu planned? I am endeavoring to make our monthly food bill be around $250. We have been going out to eat too much.


Annie said...

Ooo... That sounds good!

We dont usually plan out meals, but things that seem to last to use in a variety of different meals are roasted chicken and pot roast. We have had pot roast with potatoes and noodles. And we actually made twice baked potatoes last night and put the leftover roasted chicken in the potatoes. It was really good! We eat a lot of salad around here too.... and ranch dressing. haha. not really healthy but yummy :)

Wren said...

I made Company chicken from the ECS cookbook on Thursday. It was SOO yummy!!! It's a great easy crock pot recipe!!!

In Definition said...

i do actually menu plan...but instead of doing it for certain nights i do a list for the month. that way my free spirit isn't broken quite as much by the rigidity of a weekly meal plan. i found that for my personality...it was too confining! i buy ingredients for main dishes for a month (freezing the already cooked meat) and then stop by the store when we need another gallon of milk and some fresh goods. i highly recommend meal planning! i think it's a great way to save! hope you like it:)

TwinMint said...

We've been keeping up with some meal planning a little better lately, so I planned on listing out our meals for this week, but I've let it slip my mind too often.

I'll say it's been a yummy week, and I love feeling like I have some options since I've properly planned for a few things for the week.