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Monday, January 11, 2010

The Story of the Three Little Stitches and the Big Bad Cat

Once upon a time in a cozy big barn there lived a Mommy, a Daddy, a Baby and three dogs and one cat. The cat disguised itself as a teeny eight pound cuddler, but on the inside…she was as ferocious as a wolverine. The Mommy and the Baby had to get ready all by themselves on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays as the Daddy was still at work protecting the citizens of the land. Baby has a little fit throwing problem when Mommy takes her showers. The Magical TV lost its powers over Christmas break. Mommy was letting Baby throw a fit while she took a shower, knowing full well Baby could walk or crawl into the bathroom if it was really that bad.

Mommy heard the screaming coming closer and closer and knew Baby was almost in the bathroom. Mommy peeked out at the Baby's progress only to see the Big Bad Cat following her and biting her trying to get her to stop the screaming. Mommy could not believe the cat was biting her Baby! Mommy jumped out of the shower, not even taking time to dry off, and ran to kick the Cat away and slipped on the hard concrete floor. Mommy did not kick the cat. (Mommy is ashamed at how she reacted in anger) Baby was fine; it is unclear if it was still a fit or crying because of the Big Bad Cat. Mommy hit her head, her back and her elbow on the hard concrete floor. Mommy was bleeding and at first wasn't sure where the blood was coming from. Mommy called Daddy home to help her. Daddy rushed home and helped Mommy clean her elbow and bandage it up. He mentioned her elbow might need stitches.

When Mommy went to the doctor her elbow did need stitches…three of them.

Moral of the Story: Well, there isn't one. Actually I would just like any and all suggestions for what to do with a little one that hates her mommy taking showers in the morning. She stands at the shower screaming at me, "Mom, I'm mad!" I, in turn, sing to her. Uh, help please?


Jessica said...

put her in there with you? I used to sometimes let C sit at the end of the tub with a few toys and play while I showered. Unless she would want you to hold her- slippery mommy and baby could be more dangerous than the cat :)

Anonymous said...

I wait till Nates having a nap or set my alarm early and shower while he's in bed still (new follower from MBC here)

TwinMint said...

Yeah, baby sleep = mommy clean around here. (If it's while the boys are up, they watch tv on my bed.) I used to set Anna in a mini-crib at the shower door so she could sit and play, but it doesn't work anymore, and I'm sure it wouldn't work for your little adventurer.

The only other thing I can think of is some way to have her in there with you, like Jessica said. Tub crayons are awesome...

Annie said...

dawn, just don't shower. There ya go. Problem solved :)