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Sunday, January 31, 2010

“Snow” Day

It has happened for the second time this January! We got a "snow" day! I put that in parenthesis because although we are getting some snow in our neck of the woods, it does seem to be predominately ice. I know we will have to make this day up. It is worth it! I am as bad as the kids with the immediate gratification thing. Now, last year, I wished for snow days like nobody's business because I knew they would be made up when I was on maternity leave. Did we get any? No! Ha!
So, I am enjoying this snuggly day with my family. I am busy working on getting my weekend chores done early so we can enjoy more of our weekend together and hoping desperately to get ahead in my schoolwork or lesson plans so I can ditch the feeling of being overwhelmed and barely staying on top of things.
One thing that has changed when Chris entered law enforcement…he doesn't get snow days. He misses out on the joy of anticipating "the call" that says no work for today. It seems more grown-up that way.
Lorelei loves the "snow." Chris and I have both taken her outside to catch snowflakes and grab a handful of snow. She then comes in to show the person that stayed inside by the warm cozy fire.

So, what are you doing with this "extra" day or what would you do with the gift of an extra day?

PS- When you don't have mittens a pair of mom's socks work great! 

1 comment:

Wren said...

It was great! Stayed in bed until 11:00 and yes, I used MY white socks as gloves/mittens as mine are nowhere to be found!!!!!!!