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Monday, May 04, 2009


I realize as a parent of a five week old I have nothing to complain about. You see...since Lorelei was five days old she only has one wake up a night. And I love our nightly time! It is so milky and snuggly! I would probably cry if we skipped our nightly time together! I am getting a little nervous...her wake up time has moved from 1 to 3.
Now daytimes....that was a different story. Lorelei doesn't want to miss a thing. And she has a mama that didn't realize exactly how much sleep she needed. She is on the high end of the scale. Babies this age are 12-17 hours of sleep a day...yeah she is on the 17 side. So, sorry for her it took her mommy a week to figure it out and we had a week of miserable screaming days.
And sweet Lorelei is a big believer in attachment parenting and baby wearing. :) So glad I finally caught on!

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