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Monday, May 04, 2009

I am joining the blog carnival Not Me! Monday Check it out to see what other moms did NOT have happen to them this past week.
I know I did NOT lose my Ipod while sitting in the green chair. I sit in one spot in the living room to nurse. I have it set up as a station.
I know I did NOT order 10 bumgenius diapers from Ebay to receive 11 and actually spend a minute wondering what to do. (When the seller was contacted she told me just to keep the extra.)
I know I did NOT smell my daughter's clothes to see if it was sweat or pee. Yeah, couldn't tell so she got new clothes. (We had just been snuggled under a blanket and were both a little sticky.)
I know I did NOT forget for a few days how much newborns like to sleep and call my mom in another country crying because I could not get her to stop screaming....yeah she was tired.
I know I did NOT use a pair of my daughter's socks as breast pads while my two were in the wash and I was out of disposables.

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