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Sunday, May 03, 2009


Do not read if you do not want to hear about breastfeeding.

I have to be honest I was scared of breastfeeding. I had heard so many people talk of the struggles of it. I listened to multiple podcasts on the subject. I was determined I would breastfeed Lorelei the first time I held her. And I did. She and I had no struggles. Until the first night. Lorelei was such a pro with breatfeeding she was not content with the colostrum (however you spell that...I have a sleeping baby in my arms or else I would look it up). She cried all night because she was hungry.

The next morning a pediatrician from our peds office came in and said that the lactation consultant probably would not approve but I could supplement with formula while we waited. He suggested a syringe to avoid nipple confusion. The nurse helped me with that. Lorelei was content with just a little bit. She was a hungry girl! When the lactation consultant came in she was not upset but got me started on a SNS! I highly recommend this!

I will attempt to explain: tubing is attached to a bottle of formula which is hung from mothers shirt. Tube is taped on breast where the end is in your child's mouth as they nurse. They are still nursing but getting a little formula at the same time. It is good for both of you! They are getting something to eat while you have no milk and you are getting your milk faster.

Our peds office has their own lactation consultant and she is wonderful! She told me to get an Ameda Purely Yours breastpump as opposed to the Medela Pump in Style as it functioned the same but was at least $100 cheaper. I appreciated that but beat her price and found it new on Ebay in Jackson, so I picked it up and saved shipping as well! I have since had to be in touch with her because Lorelei refuses a bottle. This is not what I was expecting. You hear everyone speak of "nipple confusion" and not to try the bottle too soon because your baby will prefer it as they do not have to work as hard. Our lactation consultant told us we could start trying at 4 weeks because we were both doing so well with breastfeeding. Well, lets just say Lorelei is not confused. She refuses! The picture is of Aunt Patti attempting, and you can see the death look she is receiving!
We are to try each time I feed her to get her to just take the bottle nipple into her mouth and then praise her and make it like a game for now. It seems to be working. She takes it into her mouth but she is still not drinking as of yet. We shall see.
Lorelei is thriving though. At her two week check up she had not only regained her birth weight but put on a pound and a half more. At her one month check up she had gained 2 pounds 3 ounces more! She is a little chunk!

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