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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lorelei's Birth Story

Well, life has been moving so quickly but so slowly for the past month. I guess I should start with Lorelei's birth. Yes, her name is Lorelei Sloan Rockholt and she was born March 26th, at 2:09 pm 19.5 inches and 6 lbs. 8 oz. Lorelei is just a name Chris and I love and we especially love that we don't know anyone with that name. This is very important to me as a teacher! :) She is not named after the Gilmore Girls but this is the first place we heard the name. Sloan is after my favorite professor in college Diane Sloan. She was very special to me. She died in 2007 and I wanted to honor her with naming Lorelei after her. I hope Lorelei can grow up to have some of her qualities.
Ok, well the induction ended up being scheduled for the 27th due to there not being any room the 25th. (I know we found that shocking as well!) When I went in to the dr on the 25th I still had not dilated any so I was scheduled to go in on Thursday night for some gel that would help with that then the actual induction to begin Friday morning. When I was on the NST that day the dr said I had had a contraction. I didn't even know! I wondered how I would know when I was really in labor if I couldn't even feel it.
Wednesday evening at 6 pm I started bleeding. I had not spotted or anything the whole pregnancy so I called the dr. They said that since I was having no other symptoms and was scheduled to come in the next evening that they thought I would be ok. Thursday morning at 2 am my contractions started. Guess what? I felt them. I also started vomiting. Yes, I vomited with each contraction. I woke Chris up at 4 because I decided I didn't want to do this alone even though they were still 7 minutes apart. At 5 we decided to get up and get cleaned up to go to the hospital. We had to take in consideration the hour trip. By 6:30 they were three minutes apart. I was still vomiting. I had to take a bag in the car. Yes, I used it.
At the hospital they put me on Zofran (?) to stop the vomiting. Didn't work. In the admissions room each person that came in took the opportunity to tell me how I didn't look "so good." I took each opportunity to vomit. Ha! At least that is what it felt like! I had wanted to have Lorelei drug free. I had not counted on the vomiting. I didn't feel like I could handle the contraction and the yuck! I asked for Staydol. I don't suggest that. I couldn't keep my eyes open, but then felt the need to let Chris know that I was still "aware." He was watching TV and I told him that if there were two big tuna fish on the show I had seen it before. Um, ok. I knew it was crazy as I was saying it but I couldn't help myself. I also was offended when I spoke to my dad on the phone and he said he could tell I had taken drugs. So, no more staydol for me. Plus, didn't stop the vomiting. When I was admitted I was a 3.
I was so worried Chris would be disappointed with me because for our whole marriage I have spoken about having a baby drug free because I knew I could do it. At one point he looks at me and says, "I will not think any less of you if you get an epidural." I did. It didn't work. I asked for another one it didn't work. Meanwhile I didn't know that they had started me on petocin because the epidurals usually slow down labor.
My parents came and my mom stayed with me while Dad took Chris to Wendy's (within walking distance). I was at a 6. Mom was wonderful. I felt like I was so ugly about my bucket. Mom kept washing it out and I kept thinking it better be here when I vomit next! Mom, Dad and Chris all assure me I was not mean or ugly throughout the whole thing...I am glad! I thought to myself...I did not give in to what I did not want for it not to work...I will try one more epidural. The nurse checks me and I was at a 7.5 she said if I was going to get another one I needed to get it right then because they won't give it after you are an 8. The third epidural worked like a charm! They stay in there for a few minutes to check everything after they give it to you to make sure there are no adverse effects. They were still in there and the dr came in and said...she is a 10, it is time to push. Chris walks in from lunch, and was very surprised because he was gone less than an hour and all of a sudden I am ready to push!
Mom and Chris had to help with the legs because I couldn't feel them AT ALL after that epidural. The good news is...it helped me stop vomiting. I pushed for 46 minutes and out came my teeny tiny girl! She was beautiful!
Mom and Dad stayed an extra week and enjoyed her, Roo has come to meet her and Patti is visiting now. I will update more later. Lorelei's bedtime is 8, mine is 9. Trying to start now what we need it to be when I go back to work in August. I am so lucky. She only has one wake up a night. After five or six hours of sleep. Have tons of pictures of her on facebook.

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