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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Gestational Diabetes

Today when I went to the doctor it was for my weekly ultrasound with biophysical profile. In this profile the technician is checking for several wellness factors. They watch your baby to check their practice breaths they are taking. Check their hearts. Check their umbilical cords, and check the amniotic fluid. They might be checking more than this but this is all I can remember right now.

Every other week when they are doing this ultrasound they also measure the baby and give you an estimated weight. They do this by measuring the head, belly, and femur and then the computer does the calculations. With watching my diet and taking my diabetes meds I have been able to slow our girl's rate of growth and she is now only a week ahead as of last week. She was measured to be 7 lbs. 10 oz. There is a margin of error of 10-15%. Which would mean she is in the range of 6lbs 4 oz to 8 lbs 7 oz.

This week when they were doing my ultrasound I decided to mention that Baby L has not been moving as much as usual. They did have to buzz my belly a couple of times to get her moving but she is extremely responsive. I already knew this due to the way she moves when she hears her Daddy's voice.

When I saw the doctor after the ultrasound, she walked in and begged me to tell her I was not still sick. Thankfully, we are seeing are progress in beating this cold or whatever it is! I mentioned to her as well about the slight decrease in movement and she said that there was also a decrease in amniotic fluid. They like it to be at a 10 and last week it was at 10.8 and this week is was down to 8.1. It is not an emergency until you get below 5.

She ordered an NST to just check on the baby's heartrate. Of course I was not and have not been having ANY contractions as I am not dilated at all. Baby looked good on the NST and my doctor decided she thinks I can make it through the weekend. I am not going to have my regular NST on Monday but am going to have another ultrasound to check my fluid levels. If they are still dropping I will be scheduled for an immediate induction. However, if they are staying the same, I will be induced on Friday. Dr. Bishop would have liked Wednesday but it was already booked due to the late notice.

My sweet hubby got tears in his eyes when he heard his girl was going to make her appearance next week. Whether it be on her own or with a little assistance. He can't wait! I am excited! I am so thankful my parents will get to enjoy her before they leave the country. I am a little sad to have this wonderful, precious pregnancy come to an end, but I know it will be wonderful!

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