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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

11 Months!

So, Boaz turned 11 months on February 27.  Life has been intense.  I haven't had an extra minute to sit and blog even a blurb.  I hope to have a minute to blog for real soon.  I can say this: God has been working on me.  It is well with my soul.

Alright...back to Boaz.  Oh my heart!  That kid!  He melts my heart in a different way than Lorelei.  She is whimsical and he is teddy-bear-ish.  Both wonderful, but oh so different.  I don't know his exact weight...but over 26 lbs.

I think I have forgotten to mention he walks. I say it that way because I will be at a friend's house and he walks over to them and they look at me and say, "When did this happen?!?"  Don't worry...I felt the same way too. 

Boaz loves stairs.  To go both up and down.  Repeatedly.  And he has fallen down a flight.  It didn't scare him.  I didn't let it scare me.  (Too much)

He is a climber.  Like turn the dining room chair over to climb the legs and get stuck until someone comes to rescue him.  

Boaz's new words: hot and zipper.  

My brother and sweet sis in law brought this for Boaz on their last visit. 

Nothing is more comfortable than snoozing on Daddy!


Tammy said...

Handsome little one!

Tasha Reeves said...

I LOVE seeing your life & how God is working on you! It is DEFINITELY well within your soul!

I totally heart your kids! I love each of the qualities & how they're different AND how they BOTH display so much love {ESPECIALLY when it's directed at me ;-)}

Totally LOVED seeing Boaz walk...that was AWESOME!!!!

Way to not let that fall scare you too much.

And you KNOW the girls & I love that construction table!