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Friday, March 08, 2013

33 Things

So...I turned 33 on February 19 and thought I would do 33 things (somewhat random) about myself or things I have learned.

1.  I like my 30's better than my 20's.  I am just so much more sure of who I am, what my purpose is etc. 

2.  I love my husband more than I did the day I married him.  It is going to be fun to grow old together.  This might seem like...duh.  But seriously, I am blessed.  And I'm not the mushy type here people. 

3.  Being a mom is way harder than I ever imagined it would be.

4.  I am thankful to be done with school. 

5.  I am thankful for the internet.  You can find anything on it.  An article about how to hang curtains in an arched window, how many patterns can you mix, how to make a meal with an odd assortment of ingredients, etc.

6.  I don't do spontaneous very well with two little ones. 

7.  I'm not going to graduation.  It makes my heart sad but I wasn't going to have anyone watch me get hooded so it just didn't seem to be worth it. 

8. I like to glop on lots of paint and moosh it around until it is the way I like it.

9. I live for color. I seriously wonder if my house is gonna start looking like Candyland soon.

10. I like straight lines. In other words: if a piece of furniture is caddy corner...I find that totally hard to deal with.

11. If I were to go on a vacation to a different country I would want to settle in. Still see the sights but not change hotels. I like to unpack my bags and use the dresser drawers.

12. I rarely make the same meal twice. I always ask Chris if I should make something again. This is really my gauge to see if he really liked something or not. I just feel like there is so much good food out there that I want to try it all.

13. I adore texting. I only enjoy talking on the phone when by myself. Or driving because I know my kids are strapped in and I won't find them doing something crazy scary.

14. I am a major perfectionist. As in I have been working on this post for absolute months until I can come up with 33 things! As in I will have no dresser rather than the "wrong" dresser.

15. Netflix and Amazon Prime are my BFFs. I love watching episodes in a row. It makes me feel more connected with the characters.

16. I love nursing my babies. I nursed Lorelei for 25 months and am 12 months in with Boaz.

17. I have a plain Jane washer and matching dryer. I had to be able to control water height because of cloth diapering.

18. I want more babies. Lots of them.

19. I like my clocks and especially alarm clocks set to real time. I don't like figuring out what time it really is.

20. I like to get up with the first alarm. No snooze for me.

21. I don't like making side dishes.

22. The beach soothes my soul. Mountains speak to me but not down deep like the beach.

23. At some point packing a house morphs into throwing junk in a box.

24. All I asked for for Mother's Day was a bath in the jacuzzi with no interruptions. Chris delivered. With chocolate and orchids.

25. My love language is Diet Coke (thanks Holly for stating that so succinctly) and chocolate. Sonic mixes them FYI.

26. I love hot weather.

27. Chris cuts our kids' nails. I'm skeered

28. When I'm old I want an RV. Ok I'd love one now but am assuming I will be old before I can afford it.

29. I love to decorate. I had no idea.

30. My dream car: a jeep grand wagoneer

31. Dessert is my favorite

32. I menu plan for twice a month.

33. I'm gonna start this for next year now so maybe I won't take three months to finish a blog post.


A Sunshine Day said...

I absolutely LOVED reading this post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I learned new things about one of my BFFs!

Inception said...

Ditto on 30s better than 20s, no more school, loving decorating, perfectionism, rarely making the same meal twice (though there are a few exceptions), loving the internet and being all about texting. Beth would triple ditto you on the Jeep Grand Wagoneer!

I admit I couldn't quite ditto you on the loving my husband more point for two reasons. 1. I am the mushy type ;) and 2. we've been accused of still being newlyweds (by our pastor), so I hardly think the statement that I love him more than the day I married him would count nearly *as much* after such a short time. lol

One thing I highly protest is #7!!! I planned to be there to watch and take pics!!!! *Sigh* I feel remiss that I wasn't even thinking about it being this month. Last we talked of it, I thought you'd let me know and I'd be there with bells on! (Matt too!)

Thanks for the fun list!! Even if it did take three months! :)