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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Post Christmas Update

Well some parts of this are just funny.  I planned the nice Christmas Eve dinner and birthday party for Jesus.  Had to rearrange the schedule as Miki had to work later than usual.

So, this is what went down.  Lorelei and I went and picked Grandma up from her apartment.  We brought her home and I worked on finishing dinner preparations.  I got Grandma and Lorelei started on the gingerbread nativity.  That was funny because Grandma wanted to do it like the picture ---as a fellow rule follower I understand--and of course Lorelei is a bit more...freespirited (?) and had other design ideas.  My grandma is so sweet but you could tell it was hard for her to deal with Lorelei wanting to mess with her design.  I got video of my grandma and my daughter.  If I had any idea of how to get it off of my phone and onto here I would.  There IS a clip on Facebook if you want to see.

Well, then Miki texts and says that she is finally coming home but she wasn't feeling well and to just eat without her.  And then I look over and see that Chris is asleep.  I had one moment when I wanted to cry.  But then I just went with it and had dinner with my grandma and two kids who were super hungry with dinner being two hours later than normal.

Lorelei chose what gifts to give with the token she earned for her gift to the King.  Sweetest moment was when she said, "I want to order one of everyfing."  She ended up being able to order food for a mommy and baby for one month as well as a Christmas gift for a mommy and baby.  

Christmas began leisurely with Lorelei getting up a little after 9 and gracing us with her presence at 9:15-9:30.  Chris read the Christmas story while Lorelei and I acted it out.  It got funny when she started driving Jesus in the car to take Him to the temple.

Then we opened presents and played for the rest of the day.

And I ended the day trying to convince Lorelei that she never had an older brother.  She was in her bed crying about him and that he had died when she was a baby.  Lie to me and tell me that is normal. 

Grandma and Lorelei working on the nativity

It turned into a tent. 

Grandma opening her stocking

Lorelei was trying to smile like Boaz!

I have totally been capitalizing on the fact that they want to sit together!  (Contained)

Chris reading the Christmas story

Lorelei was Mary rocking Baby Jesus while singing a song about the shepherds.

Lorelei and her stocking

Boaz had an awesome first Christmas!

Slippers from my sister-in-law and brother!  I heart them!  Hard sole! 

Inside of Happy Birthday Jesus Cake

New kitchen.

Leappad 2

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