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Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Tradition #8 Birthday Party for Jesus

This is a new tradition here people.  It happens when your oldest is a toddler one year and a preschooler the next!

This year we are having my grandmother over for Christmas Eve dinner.  We will have ham (in the crock pot with date sugar), paleo sweet potato casserole, and paleo broccoli casserole (same recipe as Thanksgiving because it is THAT good).  And my grandma's deviled eggs. 

But dessert will NOT be paleo.  We will be having a birthday cake for Jesus.  You can read all about it here   It has different colors for each layer and each color has a specific meaning, even the frosting and single candle.  Definitely go read about it.

We will also be making "gingerbread" nativities.  Go read about them here.

We will be playing pin the star above the manger.

Won't my grandma have fun?    

Christmas Eve will be the night that we count Lorelei's tokens and see what she can buy for a village as her gift for the King.

I will update with pictures after the actual event. 

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Tasha Reeves said...

Oh Dawn...I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!