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Sunday, December 09, 2012

Christmas Tradition 2

A new tradition that we have started this year is to open a Christmas book each night to read.  I have spent time finding books that are about the true meaning of Christmas.

As a side note.  We don't do Santa Claus here.  Chris struggled when he was younger and he found out about Santa, Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy.  He felt lied to.  And he feels very strongly about telling the truth to our children.  I do too but I must admit it took me a while to come around to not doing the Tooth Fairy as this is one of my most favorite memories of childhood.  

I say all of this to say...if you are the random adult that asks my child about Santa, this is a typical response from Lorelei formulated on her own, "Oh that Christmas boy?  He's not real."  And then the adult looks at us like we are cray cray.  So, bottom line...don't ask in front of your children if you do Santa at your house because Lorelei will burst that bubble fast.

Lorelei gets three books read to her each night because she is three years old.  Since we have been getting a new book a night...I have made it just be Christmas stories after December 3rd (when she had three).

Here are some of the ones Lorelei has opened so far...

The First Noel This one seems to be the favorite.  The last two pages are the song.  I sing it and both Lorelei and Boaz love it.  And you know the bonus?  Lorelei is starting to sing it with me now.  I love it!

The Best Thing About Christmas (Happy Day Books: Holiday & Seasonal)Ok, you can't really click to look inside unless you go to Amazon.  And I'm sure I am missing some really great way of using an affiliate link but truly I am just sharing a new tradition we are starting.

The Christmas StoryAnother one that Lorelei has asked me to read every night since she opened it.

What Is Christmas?Sweet and simple

A Christmas Goodnight:)

Who Is Coming to Our House? (Board Book)I love this one.  A counting book from the animals' perspective.

Chris reading to the kiddos.  Love that man!

Lorelei is slowly teaching Boaz how to open presents.  She is so patient with him. 

He opened the second half of this one for her. 


Boaz is checking out the next selection. 

1 comment:

Tasha Reeves said...

This is AWESOME! You & Chris AMAZE me.....oh, don't read the back of our Christmas card when you get it....I didn't think about it offending or annoying those who don't "do" Santa in their house.