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Sunday, December 09, 2012

Christmas Tradition 1

I thought it would be fun to share about some Christmas traditions we do at our house. Some are old from when I was little (ask my daughter...that is OLD)and some are as new as just starting this year. I would love to hear a tradition you had either when you were growing up or that you implement in your home now or would like to in the future.

 I kinda want to do a linky but you saw that my Thanksgiving leftover linky went over so well.

Well the first tradition is an oldie but a goodie...truly they all seem to get better as we share them with the next generation.  We did this every year when I was growing up. 

When we receive Christmas cards we place them in a basket on our dining room table.  Each night when we sit down to dinner we choose one and pray for the family.

One of the joys of living with a three year old is that they are quite elephant like.  They never forget.  Anything.  Lorelei has remembered to get a card each night even when I would forget otherwise.  

There was a lull in receiving the first Christmas cards of the season to when a couple are received each day.  Lorelei would chose to pray for a family again.  One card she was particularly fond of praying for is one of my friends who has two sweet little girls.  One of her daughters is Lorelei's age and apparently scooted away from her one time!  That has been prayed about at dinner time three times!  I heart it.  Isn't that how we are to pray?  Taking every little thing to our Father?  

So, inquiring minds want to know...  what do you do with your Christmas cards? 


Jenny said...

We hang ours on the inside of the front door. It's fun to see the door fill up and look at all the cards

Tasha Reeves said...

I am late in sending mine out this year (PS...ignore the back of it; see my comment on your Christmas Tradition 2 post).