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Thursday, July 12, 2012


Some girls from Sunday School (excuse me, Life Group) and I have been going through a Bible Study called True Woman 101.  If you are looking for a good Bible study this is a great one.  It helps look at God's plan for womanhood and exposes the way the world's thinking has seeped into our lives.  I have loved this study!  I have also loved the time of getting together with the girls and talking about these things.

I am excited to be starting a Bible study close to home with two other mamas.  We will be doing Raising Responsive Children We will be bringing our kiddos and letting them have a play date while we discuss God's Word and His ways of raising our children.  Totally excited!  If you are close and would like to participate we will be meeting on Thursday evenings. 


Emily said...

Oh! Where are you meeting?

Inception said...

You know where I'd be on Thursday nights if I still lived in town :) Of course, there wouldn't be anyone to bring for the play date, but I'm sure I'd learn a lot!!