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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Huffy breaths

So don't you love how little ones point out your sin to you so vividly? Or not. Well a friend posted something about huffy breaths a whole back and that was the first time it was on my radar. Then suddenly Lorelei started doing huffy breaths. All. The. Time. Then I realized I also was doing huffy breaths. All. The. Time.

Then I was reading in "Beyond Bath Time" and read,

"So go on, hunker down, and see the hazards of your subtle complaints. See the damage that your sighs and mutterings can do to their little hearts. If you look at your behavior through their eyes, do your children feel celebrated? Treasured? As something good? Or might they feel like a burden?"

There was much more...the whole chapter is very good! Did you see that part about sighs and muttering? That's my huffy breath.

So I get it. And I'm working on it. With God's help. Because...look at my blessings...


Annie said...

good word! and great pics!!! lol. too cute!

Carrie Moore said...

Thanks for sharing that. One of the most difficult parts of parenting (so far) for me is seeing my sins manifested through my child. But I set the example that he follows.