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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

The Birthday Party

Well, I feel I should tell you I have a really great blog post.  That is saved in drafts all because I cannot get a video to load.  It is a video of the first time my children met each other.  You want to see it trust me.  I will continue to try but I will not keep waiting. 

This past weekend we had Lorelei's belated birthday party.  She and I both love a good party.  I don't have pictures of during the party.  Our sweet photographer friends were there with their sweet baby girl to help us with that!  I started that last year and I seriously don't want to do it any other way.  (I will post the link to the pics when they are ready for viewing.)  I know they will be better pictures that I would snap with my cell phone, and I don't have to stop having fun to take the pictures.

So all I really have to share is the getting ready. 

This party provided plenty of sorting opportunities. 

Sorting Skittles

Sorting Rainbow Twizzlers

These were in the treat bags.

This is an example of the "project" we did during the party. 

 Miki made these yummy rainbow oreos. 

I made these yummy candy buttons for the treat bags. 

I made these rainbow sugar cookies. 

 Miki made the birthday cake. This is the first step. 

Color sorted M & M's this time.  

Stations set up for the party.  It made eating really easy as everyone went back to the exact same spot.  
Birthday cake partially finished. 

My balloon wall assistant.

The balloon wall. 

Sweet friend Erin made the cake pops!  Perfect for the theme. 

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