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Monday, June 25, 2012

Next Steps

I was reading one of those emails that I signed up when I was pregnant that tells you the size of your baby each week.  The email usually compares your baby to a fruit or vegetable for a point of reference.  Well, the emails continue after  your baby is born and have developmental information.  The one this week stated that your baby graduates from a newborn to infant at three months.  That happens for us in a few days.  But right now I think my "newborn" has outgrown his bumbo.  :(  

See those fat legs?  They had large red marks when we got him out of the seat...a two person job...really probably should have had a clue before the red marks, huh?  Also, he went straight as a board while sitting in it this morning and popped himself out so it is also not safe. 

My mom had the great idea to bring the high chair down.  He loved it! 

Right now Boaz is 18 lbs 2 ounces.  So I push him around the house in a stroller often or everyone takes turns.  It will seriously make your arms and back hurt!  I was really gonna miss that bumbo so I am pretty happy that Mom thought about the high chair! 

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