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Monday, June 18, 2012

On why I have been absent from the blogging world

Don't laugh.  It is because my blog was pink and I now have a little boy too.  Well that and the total lack of time I suffer from.  Now that I have this set (kindof- would like a lot more things done but am not going to worry with it right now) I might actually get to blog now because even though I say I have no time I also have lots of time.  Sitting down holding a baby.  So if it can't be done from my phone quietly it seems it might not be done.  This also explains why I am on Facebook and Pinterest more.  Nursing a baby.  Who likes to eat.  A lot. 

Life is good and I look forward to staying "more in touch" on the blog.  Stay tuned peeps.  TTFN

1 comment:

Wren said...

glad you are rejoining the bloggy world, friend!! :)