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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Boaz's Birth Story- Don't Read if You Don't Wanna Know, K?

First I should start this with the statement that inductions are different than going into labor on your own.  Duh.  But still I feel it must be said.  If the Lord blesses us with another baby I do not want to be induced.  And I do hope He blesses us with more. We are NOT done because we have one of each.  Both Chris and I want as many babies as the Lord give us...but I am chasing rabbits now.

The Good Things about Being Induced:
No wondering: Is this labor? (while vomiting)
Calm, cool and collected drive to labor and delivery
No vomiting in the car on the way to the hospital
No waiting for them to check you to see if they are going to admit you (while vomiting)
Being able to concentrate on conversations without vomiting
Have I mentioned: there was no vomiting? 

The Bad Things about Being Induced:
No sleeping the night before because you are so stinking excited!  And nervous because you are wondering how in the world you are going to do this thing well with two little people!
Um, your body is not ready so it hurts.  Bad.  And takes FOREVAH!  And they up your pictocin over and over until you are at the highest limit. 

The Story
  We had to be at the hospital at 4 am.  We live an hour away.  You do the math.  So that was not my favorite part.  (The whole reason it was to start at 4 am was so my dr could deliver before his shift was over at 5pm.)  When we did get there though my nurse seemed strangely familiar.  And nice.  Yes, she was the same nurse who delivered Lorelei 3 years and 1 day earlier.  She was/is the bomb diggity.  So she got us all set up.  So, last time I had suffered through hours of vomiting before I decided to get an epidural.  This time I had been in such pain with SPD and varicose veins in oh so many places that I knew I was going to get an epidural as soon as it was offered to help me with that pain (forget labor, ha!). 

This scrub set was a Valentine's Day Gift.  I know he liked it because he had me order another one in blue! 

The sticker says: Ready or not here I come!
The Dr came in at 6 am to break my water.  It didn't work.  That was dissapointing.  About 45 minutes later my water broke.  I was not prepared.  With Lorelei my amniotic fluid had stopped replenishing itself so small gush nothing like this!!!  It took away any wish I ever had for my water to break to signal the onset of labor.  I know that is weird, I didn't want it to happen while I was teaching or anything I just thought it would be exciting. 

So my sweet nurse had to leave due to shift change.  She set me up with another sweet nurse who was a little too perky.  And apparently had small fingers.  So, I am thinking I am progressing well because every time the nurse checks me she says you are a 2, 3, 4, 4.5, 5, 6, 7.  So by noon I was a 7 and then my Dr came in and said no, I was a 4.  My perky nurse starts looking at her fingers and saying,"Well I guess his fingers are bigger than mine."  She is seriously holding her fingers up to the circle chart. 

I was nice but when we were alone I did have a little meltdown.  I was so frustrated that I had been "laboring" for 8 hours and was only at a 4.  I got a pressure catheter placed that told them how strong contractions were and to keep upping the pictocin.  Yay!  My favorite thing!  You know, if it was opposite day. 

Everything was ready and waiting! 

Had to breathe a little oxygen. 
At 5 pm I was still only at a 6.  I had my BFF Audra lined up to come at 5:30 because Chris had a job interview.  We were in full agreement on this as we both wanted him to get the job.  She got there at 5 just when I was coming unglued.  I apparently was in transition and didn't have a clue.  All I could get out was, "Chris tell her what to do."  I hear him telling her to just make sure I breathe.  Chris left to go to his interview at 5:30.  At 5:38 the new Dr comes in and checks me and said I was at a 10 and ready to push!  I immediately called Chris because I thought he was probably just in the parking lot.  He was but he stuck to his guns and said, "I'll be praying for you."  That was all I needed.  So after everything was set up I pushed.  1 1/2 times before my favorite nurse made me stop because she didn't want to deliver a baby on her own.  So at this point the Dr is gone.  They page him three times.  Only seven minutes went by until they found him but when you are trying to you know hold a baby in, seven minutes can feel like forevah. 

So, Dr found, 1 1/2 more pushes and my sweet Boaz Nehemiah was born.  This Dr immediately put Boaz on my tummy.  I loved it but remember thinking...do I hug you when you are messy?  Audra was wonderful!  She helped hold a leg.  Such a good friend, doesn't have babies of her own yet and wasn't skeered.  She got to cut the umbilical cord. 

Now this boy, Boaz, wow he rocked my world.  From his first breath.  I was in love.  I was prepared more this time for the rush of love that comes when your baby is born.  And my mom had told me that my love would multiply when I had more kids.  She didn't lie. 
It was fun introducing our son to Chris.  And P.S. he got the job.  Don't you just love happy endings? 


Inception said...

Good job at making a girl cry happy tears :) I love happy endings...and yet this is only the beginning...

Emily said...

You and I are so different. ;) I love being induced (of corse I have nothing to compare it to) But I'm a big time planner and I like knowing what to expect :)
Love your story!