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Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Party Fail

So, our Life Group (Bible Fellowship, Sunday School...etc) had our Christmas party on Sunday and it was so fun! Why do I say fail in my title then? Just wait...

I guess I should back up. My work Christmas parties are A.W.E.S.O.M.E. Everyone brings yummy food, we get to talk and hang out and then we have an awesome white elephant gift exchange. It is super fun and funny!

This year I came home with the cutest mosquito ornament (what can I say...I AM a science teacher, ha!) and Chris with a HORRENDOUS limited edition pilgrim nutcracker.

Fastforward a couple of days later when our Life Group was having our Christmas party with a white elephant gift exchange...well we already knew what we were bringing!

Except...no one else apparently has taken part in a white elephant gift exchange and brought nice gifts. Seriously, a gingerbread tree kit, snowglobe etc.

So thus...the title...now we are just HORRIBLE gift givers... :)


Jenny said...

That's the risk of regifting! Lol

Jessica said...

That's hilarious. We had to majorly explain it to our college students, too. Only they were on the other extreme. They wanted to bring old, stinky tennis shoes. I had to make a "'garage sale' not 'garbage'" rule.