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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Online Offer

Lorelei and I with our check!

Well, I was nervous but I did complete an online offer. You know what I am talking about...those ads that say, "Want to try an iPad for free?" And then you go to the website and it says something like: you must complete so many silver offers, so many gold offers and so many platinum offers? Well, I did it!

I found the one I did on Facebook. It was for an Apple iPad and a $100 iTunes giftcard. There was a backorder situation on the iPad and I got to choose to wait or to receive a check for the price of the iPad (over $600)! Although I really wanted the iPad, it was just that, a want. So we chose the check.

I am looking forward to completing my next online offer!

1 comment:

Annie said...

ummmm... why didn't you tell me this amazingness before?!?! Okay, got time on my hands... and I like money... here I come $600!! :) :)