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Saturday, June 05, 2010


One of the many reasons I have not been writing lately is because of my school work. I am happy to announce that I have my Educational Specialist degree in Educational Leadership now! I am still moving on with my doctorate in Educational Leadership but I was excited to make this milestone.
I did not go to graduation and that was slightly anticlimatic. I will not miss the "big one" though! It was just overwhelming to think of traveling across the country with a 13 month old for just my husband and sister to watch me walk.
So, how did I get a picture anyway? Well, my graduation was the same day as my school (where I teach)'s graduation. So, I got to wear what I would have worn if I had walked. I took a picture with my dear friend Audra who is about to start the EdS/EdD journey as well! I am so thankful to have her walk this road with me!
I am also thankful for my husband who has supported me and helped me as I went to school fulltime while working fulltime while having a wee one! Lorelei has also been with me through the whole journey as it was when I was in my first two classes that I found out I was carrying life!

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Jena Vincent said...

Congraduations! :D That rocks!