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Monday, March 01, 2010

Teaching and Mothering

I have to admit it. I hate to. But I must. I am a better teaching since becoming a mother. I hate to admit it because people always used to say, "You will understand when you become a mother." Didn't they know that more than anything in the world, I wanted to be a mother?!? Were they saying I was a bad teacher? How could being a mother possibly change me and my teaching?

Well, on the other side of this...being a mother changes everything. I don't do anything super differently in my teaching on the outside. However, on the inside, everything changed. When I have to correct a student, I think now, "That is someone's baby." I knew a mother's love was something special, but I was not prepared. I did not know. No one could have prepared me.

Now, I still believe that people should not say anything to anyone about being a mother in any circumstance because you do not know the desires of someone's heart and the secret pain they might be carrying.


Annie said...

I'm sure that is very true... although, I am still on the other side. One day, I will have little Roos and Annies, and I will feel bad about getting on to the the little terrors in my classroom so much. haha.

P.S. I think Lorelei is gonna be a great kid! She has such a great personality already... and a good teacher in a mom :)

Christa said...

That is so true everyone says that but its hard to believe then you become a mom and it's like BAM that's what they meant!!