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Thursday, January 14, 2010

On the Subject of Cleanliness

Thank you for your suggestions for how to take a shower without having a screaming baby! I feel I need to explain that this is screaming…not crying. I also feel that since you invested your time to give my suggestions that I should update you on our plan of action. I am naming this project: Project Happy Shower. I am on a kick of naming things right now…current projects…future (hopeful) babies… Right now, you give it to me…I name it. I digress…

On Tuesday, I tried taking Lorelei in the shower with me. She was not content to stay at her end of the tub. It was not safe to have her clinging to my leg in the slippery shower so you guessed it…I held her while taking a shower. There was no screaming. I however, felt this was no way for someone to take a shower. Plus, I went through Tuesday wondering if my hair was greasy because I had washed it with one hand. Tuesday night I had an epiphany. I am not required to have a morning shower. No, I am not giving up showering as my sweet, silly sister-in-law suggested in her comment, ha! But I have been selfishly holding on to this as my right. Why have I not tried nighttime? Just because it is not my favorite? Because I like to use my shower in my morning routine? Well, sometimes motherhood is about sacrifice. The answer was so simple. All I had to do was take care of washing my hair at nighttime!

And I know you are so happy! Especially since I have now posted two posts in a row about washing hair.






Jessica said...

That was actually going to be my suggestion. I just forgot to get back on after I thought of it to suggest it! When Luke is travelling on business, I always shower at night after J has gone to bed. Sure, my hair's not so cute in the morning, but I'm clean! Good thinking, Mommy!

Annie said...

haha... I actually thought the same thing after suggesting the "natural" approach. Sometimes if I blow-dry my already dry hair the next morning it looks pretty good. Or you could get one of those spinning brush dryer things. You will look great regardless of what you do though :)

Wren said...

YAY!! Sounds good!! No more showering with one hand!!!!

Christina said...

i recently made the switch to night time showers too! previously, i took both seth and leah in the shower with me, but the bigger they got, the less fun my shower became. and now there's kyle. and i do love my shower time.

look at it this way, it's a little wind down Dawn time at the end of a day!!