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Monday, December 28, 2009

My “New” Bible

I received a wonderful new Bible from my husband for Christmas. It is called the Busy Mom's Bible, it has pages inside it where you can study the Bible in a guided five minute fashion. Things like that help me remember I am not the first one to journey down this wonderfully turbulent road called motherhood. Did I mention that the Bible is pink?!? I must admit I have a love affair with that color.

I needed a new Bible. My old one was given to me when I went away to college. It has been a dear friend for over a decade and was sadly falling apart. It has "fold out maps." That is what I called them. In other words the maps fell out every time you opened the Bible.

I took my new Bible to church on Sunday. I still knew where all of the books of the Bible were…like in which order…but I struggled in finding them as quickly as I could with my "old" Bible. I felt self-conscious that people were thinking I didn't know where the books of the Bible were! Isn't that silly?!? I must admit that I missed my old faithful Bible. And I also want to always remember that I am so blessed to be able to have a "replacement" Bible when one wears out. So many people in the world have never had the privilege to have their own Bible. I cannot imagine! Lord, please help me to never take my Bible for granted!

1 comment:

TwinMint said...

Great reminder to be thankful for the Word in our daily lives. Thank you!

I remember when I was in early elementary school, I was cleaning my room and found a backpack I'd left in a pile for a while. When I opened it I found a "spare" Bible, you know a cheap hard cover one that my Sunday School gave me or something, with a rotten orange. The orange had totally ruined the cover of the Bible. I sat there and wept for a long time. I felt so bad that I'd let the BIBLE get ruined and dirtied. I still get upset about that one. :)

I hope I remember to train my kids to honor and cherish their Bibles.