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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Go To Gifts

Since we just celebrated Christmas I was thinking of gifts. What are your go to gifts? You know…your standards for baby and wedding showers. I wish things could be changed a little bit. I wish people could register for weddings and babies after the event has happened. Before, you are really just guessing what you might want or need.

If I were to register for a wedding over again I would register for different things. I would be more practical and less decorative. Of course my situation is a little different…after all we have been living in my parents fully furnished house sans parents for coming on five years. That said, my favorite gifts that we received for our wedding were the ones that were personal and not from the registry.

My go to gift for wedding showers is embroidered pillow cases or embroidered hand towels. Both are items one rarely will buy for themselves. Who doesn't like something personalized and especially when you are getting a new initial…of which you are so proud!

If I were to register for a baby over again I would also register for different things. I didn't yet know Lorelei and her specific needs and desires. I would have registered for a plethora of bottles. I spent a small fortune until I happened upon the "Barbie bottle." I would have registered for a cosleeper as well as various methods of babywearing.

I have several go to gifts for baby showers. The first one is a Sleepy Wrap. We use ours daily. We don't give this only if we feel that the family is not into babywearing or if they already have one. I also like to give amber teething necklaces. This is another item we use every single day. A new love at our house is Baby Legs. These are a wonderful and totally cute product!

So, I want to know what are your go-to gifts? Do I need to add more to my list?


Jessica said...

Ooh! I didn't think about giving teething necklaces as gifts! Lately I have been stockpiling shower gifts when I can stack coupons at Target. I love to give diaper (size 2) and wipes. I love practical gifts. I have a couple of nursing covers in my stock right now to give to nursing moms. My "go-to" gift, though, is a custom wipes case. My favorite I've made so far is Jared's from when Brody was born--camouflage with red trim and a Razorback emblem. :)

MisAdventuresofMomof3 said...

For baby showers - I give diapers or burp cloths (12 to be exact!).

For weddings - I stock up on Christmas decorations this time of year and give them away as wedding presents. You can't ever have enough Christmas decorations (ok you can - but not when you first get married or buy a new home).

I'm a new follower from MBC and look forward to reading more! Come and visit me!