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Thursday, October 15, 2009


We have a talker! On the day Lorelei turned five months she began saying, "Mom." The next day she added "Dad." "Hey" "Hi" "I love you" "No" and "dog" were quickly added.

I mentioned in my Not Me Monday post the funny way she began to say, "No."

On Tuesday she heard me telling Pumpkin to "stop it." She chimed in and said, "No Pumpkin!"

She surprised us with "Hey" one day when Chris was carrying her in the gym that they go to every morning and she saw his workout partner and says, "Hey!"

She also got a hold of Chris' cell phone once and had pressed speed dial and was talking to Janet saying, "Hey, hey, hey." She of course was super excited that she her five month old granddaughter was calling her on the phone!

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