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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Holding Our Breath

Lorelei does not know how we "held our breath" wondering if we would ever conceive. She does not know how we "held our breath" during my pregnancy that was labeled "high risk." She does not know we "held our breath" waiting for her arrival and praying that it would be timed in such a way that my parents would get to see her before they left for another year. She does not know how we "held our breath" when we first brought her home and she wouldn't make a peep and we would check on her to make sure everything was alright.

Lorelei does not know the stories of God's goodness. Yet. We will tell her like Stones of Remembrance. Lorelei, however, does know how to hold her own breath. Neither Chris nor I had ever been around a child that held their breath. Definitely not a six month old one. I had to call the pediatrician for the first time. I researched and it gave several possibilities but said it should be something your child's pediatrician should be made aware of. When I called they asked a few questions and then stated that this seemed to be another way that Lorelei was manifesting her strong will. She does not do it in the middle of a fit or a crying jag she simply just holds her breath. They said she might pass out but not to worry, her body will start breathing.

We love that girl. We are excited to teach her about how God breathed life into man. About how our souls are to pant after God.

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