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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Elimination Communication Rockholt Style

We are not die hard elimination communication followers. If we were Lorelei would have been diaper free from birth. The idea of elimination communication is to communicate with your child when they are "going to the bathroom." Ever since Lorelei was born we have spoken to her about when she was urinating or having a bowel movement. "You're going potty. Soon you're going to go potty in the potty chair."

Well, when Lorelei was five months I thought I had better give her a chance. I placed her on the potty and she bore down and did a BM! I held her on the potty again before bed that night and she urinated! I held her on the potty again the next morning and she urinated again!

We have decided to back off a little bit and are not even talking to her about "going potty" right now because she started to get beside herself when she had to go in her diaper because we didn't take her. We are going to wait until she can walk to the potty herself. I was having a hard time picturing myself asking the nursery workers at church, "Can you take her to the potty every hour?"

Lorelei thinks it is very funny to take her diaper off right now. She can also unsnap and unzip. She is working on buttoning. She took her first unassisted step on the way back from Nashville. I am thinking I won't be able to hold her back from potty training too much longer. Is it wrong that I almost don't want to, because I think she should still be a baby?

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