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Sunday, August 09, 2009


Well, I have started back to work. I have counted down to this day with dread. I have prayed about what to do with my sweet daughter...who could I trust with her care? The Lord knows the desires of our hearts. Miki is here until the 17th, (we will greatly miss her when she leaves!) and is helping with Lorelei's care until then. Chris is working midnights and Lorelei will be babysat for two hours Monday, Thursday, and Friday mornings. FOR TWO WEEKS! Chris is changing to second shift at the beginning of September so Lorelei will be with one of her parents at all times.

So, when everyone asks me how I am doing and if I am handling things ok, I can answer honestly, that I am ok. She is with my other half. I will not miss any of her firsts since Chris will be with her. He loves her as much as I do. I can trust him. And I can trust Him. And if you wonder how they are *really* doing...take a peek...

See why I do not have anything to worry about? On a side note...isn't she looking more and more like her Daddy?!?

1 comment:

TwinMint said...

She really does! And you are so blessed to have such a great situation for her care. There are so many people who "have" to compromise. God is goooooood.