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Friday, August 21, 2009

Excerpts of a Note to Babysitter

Monday we took Miki to the airport. She made it back safely. We dearly miss her. Tuesday and Wednesday Chris was home in the morning when I got ready for work so it was ok. Thursday...not quite the same story. I had to get Lorelei to the babysitter's house be 6:15 am. I was still feeding Lorelei at 5:30 not showered, and she was still in her pjs as well. We were able to make it...with the Lord's help and my sweet hubby met me at the babysitter's in his patrol car with breakfast and coffee. He is so good to me. And his daughter. :)

Today was easier because the babysitter came to our house. (Lorelei has to have a babysitter for an hour and a half three times a week for the two weeks until September when Chris changes shifts.) I wrote her a note. I chuckled to myself about it when I got home and reread it this afternoon.

Excerpts are as follows:

(speaking of milk) "she likes it cold-if she takes it. Don't worry if she is not interested."

"When she has red eyelids begin sleepytime maneuvers. The trick is to get her to sleep before she starts fighting it. "

"Sometimes Lorelei will just cry. Loudly. It is not your fault. Try to tune her out and stay patient."

Those just hit me as funny at the end of the day. Maybe I am just tired.

Speaking of Lorelei and bottles. She does know and understand how they work now. She has chosen not to partake. She is now drinking half an ounce to no milk at all the whole work day. She wants it from the source not out of a bottle. What a sweet compliment. I laugh as I think to how much time I spent over the summer worrying about my little girl that wouldn't take a bottle. God already knew she wouldn't want one and would be ok. I am thankful for reverse cycling. Would you like to hear more of how this is working for us?

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BrandAshley said...

what in the world is reverse cycling???

- (Ashley Smith)