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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Tradition 6: Shepherd's Pouches

This is a new one.  We have been enjoying it.  You know, in between grabbing it away from Boaz.  Although he has had croup for the last couple of days he has barely slowed down.  And people...he danced the other and both Chris and I were there to see it.  

Here is the blog where the idea of the Shepherd's Pouches can be found. Chris and I worked on this together.  The basic idea is to have serving hearts and look for ways to serve and help others and this is how we give to the King.

So each time we see Lorelei doing something "nice" i.e. chores without grumbling, extra patience with her grabby brother, not throwing a fit when she normally would (like with clothes) she gets a token.  It is really a penny.  We are calling it a token though so that we have a little bit of wiggle room depending on how many tokens she gets.  

On Christmas Eve we will look in her bag and count how many tokens.  Then we will look in a catalog like "Compassion's Gift catalog" and pick out a chicken or goat or some other type thing to send to a village in need. 


Tasha Reeves said...

Love this! You guys are awesome!

Inception said...

I love this too! I'll have to remember it for when I need it one day. :)