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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Tradition 4: Truth in the Tinsel

Might I tell you how much fun I think it is to have a three year old at Christmas time!  If Lorelei was reading this she would be sure to change what I just said to note that she is actually three and a half.  She has such joy and can interact and has such fresh insight.  Truly good for the soul.

This year we have been enjoying Truth in the Tinsel.  Click here to visit Truth in the Tinsel.  

This is an advent activity study that take you and your preschooler/early elementary student thru the advent story with a fun ornament to make that helps solidify the lesson learned.  Questions are asked to get your child to grasp the main point.  In the study there are also links to additional activities.

We converted our Thankful Tree that we did in November to our Truth in the Tinsel Tree and I really cannot tell you of any sweeter sound than to hear your child speak Truth.  For example:  Lorelei is not a fan of the dark.  We have been able to use the candle and sun ornaments that she has made as talking points that Jesus is with us and is the Light of the World.  That He protects us and is with us. 

Zechariah did not believe the angel that his (old) wife would have a baby.

Mary and Elizabeth (and their pregnant bellies)-They are paper dolls!

Jesus is the Light of the world! 

Mary was so happy that she sang a song!

Hanging on the tree. 

Hanging the first ornament

Our angel Gabriel

Working on Joseph's clothes (can you see her lip gloss around her mouth?)


This is Mary and Joseph kissing.  Not quite Biblically sound at this point of the story but she gets that they love each other.  :) 

This is my sweet girl retelling parts of the story.  See the blue thing? That is Joseph's pillow from when he was dreaming and the angel came to him in a dream. 

Painting Mary and Elizabeth and their clothes. 

Jesus is the Light of the world! 

Jesus is King! 

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Tasha Reeves said...

Oh this is AWESOME! Another tradition I would like to start next year! I MUST look at that link & save it to my favorites....then I can get the stuff prepared (together cause I'm not that crafty & don't have it all around the house already) for next year. Thank you for sharing!!!!

IDEA: maybe one time we could do a Bible Study WITH this kids & incorporate some of this (or something similar)....may be too much. WHO KNOWS

Dawn Rockholt said...

I LOVE that idea!!!