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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Thoughts on baby proofing

Not a fan.

Do I put covers on my sockets? Mostly.

Do I have a baby gate at the top and bottom of my stairs? Yes. Truth be told I rarely use these...but they are there. (Mostly for the dogs!)

That is probably the extent of it. It worked with Lorelei to consistently tell her no when she was wanting to touch dangerous things. This also entails not leaving them unattended. They might think they are alone (this is good!) but always have half an eye on them when they start being mobile.

Um, so Boaz started crawling two days ago and then started climbing stairs the very next day! So these thoughts...they are my new stage of life. Again. It amazes me how one can forget little things as one's oldest keeps growing and getting to new stages. But these things do come easier with the next child as time has already been spent working through things in one's mind. For example: I am telling my child no for their good and safety because I love them. Also if they learn to hear my voice and obey how much easier will it be for them to hear God's voice and obey?

So, what are your thoughts on baby proofing?


Tasha Reeves said...

I was the same way with both girls. I figured it was a good time to start with discipline & making sure I was active/present in their lives.

Jessica said...

That was my approach more with Charlotte but this one.... nope. Everything in our house is locked down like Fort Knox. I find it is harder to guarantee that I can truly watch him every second with another child that needs my attention at times. At this stage where is he physically capable of doing almost anything he wants but has no idea about danger, I don't want to take a chance. Sometimes Charlotte needs me to talk to her or play a game or whatever without getting up to follow her brother around. I feel like my "undivided attention" can only be for one child and I don't want her to make that sacrifice simply because he physically needs my presence more. Now, if he were less adventurous, it might be an option. But he is a hot mess. He'd be swinging from the ceiling fans if I gave him a chance!

Dawn said...

Jessica: definitely a case by case decision! I LOVED that horribly funny video of him in his chicken suit!!!