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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Seven Months

Oh goodness so much has changed in the past month! Boaz has started crawling as well as awkwardly pulling up and clumsily cruising. He still has only the bottom two teeth but enjoys eating whatever we are eating!

Boaz loves to play outside. He doesn't want to be left out and will cry when Chris and Lorelei go outside without him! He loves to go places and see things and be worn by Mama or Daddy.

I still don't have a length measurement on him. The weight gain seems to have slowed in correlation to the increased mobility. He is 23 lbs 4 oz
Both of our children love to go out to eat.  They love the food but also getting to interact with others. 

1 comment:

Tasha Reeves said...

I love that lil man! I thoroughly have enjoyed each of my moments with him over the last 7 months! I love his genuine smile!!!! Thanks for letting me part of your life!