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Monday, October 29, 2012

An Ode to the One I Love (or Better than Butterflies)

Today is Chris' birthday. In this post I will attempt to do two things that are hard for me 1) be mushy 2) describe feelings. Is that the same as the first? I don't know. 

I met Chris when I was 21.  The first time we kissed was my very first kiss. I felt butterflies every time he was around.  I don't anymore.  Now it is different.  If you are not a coffee lover this whole analogy will be lost on you.  Maybe there is something you can insert in place of coffee, I don't know...I. LOVE. COFFEE.  

Imagine this if you will: 

You know how you wake up on a cold morning and of course you would love to stay snuggled in bed where it is nice and cozy but you have to get up?  And you comfort yourself with the thought of coffee?  And you do the things you have to do but you dream of sitting down and leisurely reading your Bible and sipping a hot cup of coffee?  And whether you get to have the leisurely start to your morning or not, the coffee part happens.  Whether you drink it on the run or sitting down... there is that one moment where you breathe in the aroma, feel the warmth move down as you take your first sip, and sigh in almost relief.   

That "coffee" feeling?  That is how I feel about Chris.  It is BETTER than butterflies.   It is a comfortable place.  When I think of Chris I do feel the pause to breathe in like one would a hot coffee on a cold morning.  I feel the warmth of knowing he is there with me every day.  And relief.   It is relief that I do not have to do this journey alone.  It is knowing that he walks this road with me.  The part where we have little (loud, or is that understood) messy people.  The part where we are both in school.  The part where we laugh at each others' jokes.

Chris...in case you don't know him.  He is a man who loves the Lord.  He is a wonderful husband due to his love and relationship with the Lord.  Chris grew up in a broken home, the Lord delights in mending the broken.  Chris is a hard worker.  He provides for his family.  He takes care of my parents' house and property.  Chris is a student.  He has worked hard in school at the same time as working full time to provide for his family.  

So, happy birthday, Babe!  You make me feel like coffee in the morning!  That's mushy, right? 
Key Lime Cake 

1 comment:

Tasha Reeves said...

I love your expression of love to Chris!!! And I totally get it....you HAVE put your feelings into words! Happy Birthday Chris!