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Friday, October 05, 2012

A Little Daddy Daughter Bonding

So, I casually mentioned to Chris that Lorelei would be out of preschool on Wednesday for Fall Break.  This was a surprise as it was not on the original calendar nor did it follow the local private school schedule as we were told it would.

That man.  He planned a camping trip for he and Lorelei.  Then he invited another Daddy and daughter duo to go as well.  The left early Wednesday morning and headed to Ft. Pillow.  They came back late Thursday afternoon.  They hiked and ate and played the whole time.  And they both had a great time!  He says he wants to do that at least once a year.

Me...while I only had one child and no dissertation hanging over me I went and had lunch at a friend's house and went shopping.  And I slept in.  That in itself was monumental because I normally get up at five to have my quiet time before Lorelei gets up.  With just a baby in the house I could have my quiet time later while he napped.  So, I got up at 7:30 and finished my quiet time before he got up at 8:15! 
Lorelei and Belle comparing posing with their boots
Lorelei chose her outfit and then Chris changed his so they could "match"
All loaded up and heading out.  Avalanche is sitting a little low here.
Posing her in her outfit of choice...word she is saying instead of "Cheese" is "Flower"
Apparently Lorelei was going for the artsy look?
A little archery while waiting for friends to arrive. 
A little too skinny to keep her pants up on her own.  Rope was used. 

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Tasha Reeves said...

Memories that will last a lifetime!